Our Story


Runners Culture is a fashion, gift and lifestyle brand for runners and running clubs. 

We don't do technical attire or trainers - the big sports brands have got everyone covered there and have the running community well served with science backed, well manufactured, amazing quality running gear. 

Where we come in is for the 'everything else' - gifts, home ware, casual wear and merchandise for runners and running clubs. 

In 2020, our MD was part of a team who set up a new running club. That club needed merchandise and they were frustrated by antiquated systems charging high prices for boring, template based attire. These suppliers often set minimum order quantities, charged up front large stocks costs, required single point delivery and resale and distribution of merchandise fell on the shoulders of club volunteers.  

Runners Culture was born out of a desire to do things better.

In tandem with our club based merchandising, we also offer a range of branded apparel and products which seek to capture the spirit and culture of running. 

We aim to provide our community with casual wear that they want to be seen in and that shouts "runner", but does so style.

Dispatch Process

Most of our stock is custom printed to order in the UK. This allows us to be flexible but also means that there are lead times on orders.

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Plastic Free Packaging

Our paper postal mailing bags are manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC® certi­fica­tion

No Hassle Returns

We operate a 14 day, no hassle return policy on all orders and will replace any items that arrive defective or damaged.

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